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■ Vision

  • Foreign investors contributing to job creation and local development

■ Goal

  • Attracting high-potential overseas companies
    ※ 2014 : 8 Foreign-invested companies over USD 5 million
  • Supporting the localization of the companies

■ Focus

ㆍAttracting FDI

  • Major project
    - Laying the groundwork for attracting FDI based on achievement and quality
    - Engaged in aggressive FDI attraction home and abroad with the utilization of FTA
    - Enhancing a groundwork for attracting investment form emerging economies including China
    - Designating a new foreign investment zone
    ※ Goal: designating a complex for foreign investors in Cheonan Industrial Complex No. 5 in 2012
  • Providing industrial sites and incentives customized to the needs of each investors
    - Supplying industrial sites to facilitate additional investment from foreign companies
    - Establishing information network on industrial sites for foreign investors
    - Offering incentives to investors contributing to job creation
  • Aggressive investment promotion
    - Organizing IR events abroad
    - Promoting incentives provided by Chungnam (raising awareness of foreign-invested companies’ contribution to the local economy)
    - Managing comprehensive statistics with utilization of administrative information system
ㆍSupporting localization of foreign companies

  • Creating a human-friendly residential environment
    - Conducting the feasibility tests on the establishment of foreign schools
    - Increasing the number of medical clinics designated for employees and executives of foreign invested companies
    - Suggesting the introduction of real estate investment immigration system
    - Supporting the issuance of Express Card for foreign investors
  • Providing localization program
    - Familiarization tour to offer exact information on Chungnam
    - Offering information on daily lives and cultural events for foreign investors
  • Enhancing corporate support governance and post-management
    - Facilitating the operation of the FDI committee
    - Organizing seminars with executives of foreign investment companies and the Governor attending
    - Resolving grievances of foreign investors to entice additional investment

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