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Chungnam-do declared a strategy for economic development aimed at balanced growth of 15 cities and counties

According to Yonhap News,

(HONGSEONG=Yonhap News) Chungnam-do held a "Strategy for economic development of happier Chungman" declaration ceremony, presenting milestones of the province's economic policy in the coming decade at the provincial government office on February 13.

Chungnam economic development strategy has been prepared to devise the province's new vision and strategy in the changing environment driven by the 4th industrial revolution and improving South-North relationship.

With a vision for "Chungnam, an economic center of happier Korea", the province will pursue five main goals including "innovation and balanced growth", "participation and creation", "cycle and self-reliance", "embrace and win-win", "openness and cooperation."

For "innovation and balanced growth", it will proceed with sophisticating industrial structure and creating industrial ecosystem conducive to balanced growth in preparation for the 4th industrial revolution. By region, the northern area will see the development of eco-friendly ICT to reduce fine dust and air pollution, and turn existing industries adaptable to the smart era, e.g., intelligent semiconductor industry utilizing the spread of IoT. In the Yellow Sea coast area, a new industry belt will be established to take advantage of maritime resources, expected to lay the foundation for a healing industry and maritime education.

Regarding the goal of "participation and creation", it has been proposed to introduce digital local currency, and create a centennial forest led by the locals. As strategies for "cycle and self-reliance", a urban regeneration of new deal project, among others, was set forth.

A performance by a Robot declaring the opening kicked off the event, followed by a video illustrating the future of Chungnam economy, presentation on the province's economic development strategy, and vision declaration.

A governor said "we will take the 4th industrial revolution as an opportunity to revitalize balanced and innovative growth of the region".

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Source: Yonhap News (February 13, 2019)


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