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Yesan Global Spa Village

■ Investment Highlights

ㅇ Project Proposal : Multi-Concept Spa Village of Healing, Leisure and Beauty at the traditionally famous Spa Area in Korea
ㅇ Key Rationale
  - Located in ‘Deoksan Spa Area’, one of the famous Spa zone in Korea with 4 million’s annual visitors
  - Virtuous synergy with neighboring regional development projects of government, such as development projects of residential zone at Deoksan area and several history theme parks
 - Hinter-tourist town of major cities in the central zone of Korea, such as Daejun and Sejong City etc. with 5 million’s residents

■ Project Summary

ㅇ Type : Resort & Spa Hotel
ㅇ Total Area : 65,569 ㎡
ㅇ Location : Shinpyong-Ri 533, Deoksan-Myon, Yesan-Gun, Chungnam Province
ㅇ Investment : US$ 100 million
ㅇ Progress : Land Purchasing & Infrastructure Completed
ㅇ Facilities

Area (m²) Main Facility
Spa & Healing Center 9,772 Spa, Therapy, Food, Indoor sports center, Cosmetic shop, Shopping mall, Duty free shop, etc.
Theme Park 21,743 Gondola riding facility, Information center, Water-surfaced cafeteria etc.
Hotel 34,054 Hotel, outdoor spa, conference hall, restaurants, Lobby lounge etc.

■ Accessibility

ㅇ Distance : 100km and less than two hours driving distance from Seoul
ㅇ Airport : Within 2 hours from Incheon International Airport and 1.5 Hours from Cheongju Airport
ㅇ Railroad : 2 hours from Seoul
ㅇ Road : 2 hours on highway from Seoul / Seohaean, Daejeon-Dangjin Highway

■ Development status and plan

ㅇ Sep. 1981 : Designated as ‘Tourism district’ of Deoksan Hot Spring
ㅇ Oct. 2000 : Completed the infrastructure for Deoksan Hot Spring tourist site
ㅇ Mar. 2014 : Strengthen the plan of Deoksan Hot Spring zone (increase in a building-to-land ratio and a floor area ratio, easing of building height, etc.)
ㅇ May 2015 : Selected a ‘National Core project’ of Deoksan Hot Spring Project
ㅇ Completed land and infrastructure development, available for immediate project launching

■ Site Attraction

ㅇ Available for collaborative development with adjacent ‘National Tourism Projects’
  - Adjacent to ‘Deoksan Hot Spring Tourism zone’, ‘Naepo Bobusang Village’ (US$ 44.7 M granted from the Cultural Heritage Administration), and ‘Patriot Yun Bong-gil Memorial Park’ (US$ 15 M granted from the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs)
  - ‘Deoksan Hot Spring Village’ (one of national core project, US$ 44 M granted)
  - ‘Farming Experience Village Project’ in Yedang Tourism Zone (one of national core project of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, US$ 55.2 M granted)
ㅇ Sufficient infrastructure and tourist attractions for ‘hot spring tourism’
  - Five-minute’s distance from New Naepo City, Chungnam provincial government office located, and specialized tourism hinterland of the metropolitan area, Sejong and Daejeon city
  - Deoksan Spa with the nation’s largest visitors / 10 hot spring wells owned by Yesan-gun, it is historically famous for high quality spa area in Korea
  - Main location of ‘Korea Hot Spring Festival’ and ‘Forest Culture Expo’

■ Tourism Resources

ㅇ Competitive Tourism resources
  - Millennium historic Sudeoksa Temple’ of Baekje Kingdom / Gayasan Mt. with superb landscapes / the nation’s largest Yedang Reservoir / Patriot Yun Bong-gil Memorial Museum / Chosun Dynasty’s best calligrapher, Chusa Kim Jeong-hui’s House / The eco-tourism place, the nation’s only ‘Stork Park’, etc.
ㅇ Famous Local Traditional Food
  - Yesan’s five representative tastes: Yesan galbi, bungeo-jjim (spicy stewed crucial carp) / eojuk (spicy fish paste and rice porridge) / Sapgyo gopchang (broiled intestine of cattle) / Sudeoksa Temple's Sanchae jeongsik (set menu with seasoned wild vegetables)
  - Various experiences of Yesan apple, a representative specialty of the region

Incentives for the Development of Tourism Real Estate
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