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Seosan Marina & Resort

■ Investment Highlights

ㅇ Project Proposal : Best-fitting Place for Marina Service & Strong Policy Support Expected
ㅇ Key Rationale
  - Attractive New Emerging Market : Expected 19% of annual growth of marina service market in Korea (Doubled for the next five years).
  - Ideal waterfront area with calm waters that are approximately 10 meters deep : In the Yellow Sea Rim, including China & Korea, marina Port fitted waterfront locations are very rare. In additions, the demand on marina facilities is clearly exceeding the supply
- Strong Government’s Support Expected : Korean government consider to co-invest in the promising marina projects

■ Project Summary

ㅇ Type : Marina & Resort
ㅇ Total Area : 37,972㎡
ㅇ Location : Chang-Ri 295-1, Buseok-Myon, Seosan City, Chungnam Province
ㅇ Investment : US$ 70 M (Marina US$ 32 M + Resort US$ 38 M)
ㅇ Progress : Finding stage of Investors & Developers
ㅇ Facilities

Area(m²) Main Facility
Marina Facility(In shore) 20,000 Yacht mooring facility, Sub-breakwater facility etc.
Marina Facility(On shore) 11,972 Club house, storage facility in land, repair factory & yard, parking lot etc.
Resort 6,000 Rooms (300 rooms), in/outdoor swimming pool, Fitness club, Spa, Lobby lounge, restaurants, shops, seminar rooms, ceremony hall, parking lot etc.

■ Accessibility

ㅇ Distance : 140 Km from Seoul and 30 Km from major cities, including Naepo New Town, Dangjin, Yesan, Hongseong, and Taean City
ㅇ Airport : 30 minutes from the Seosan International Airport (Planned)
ㅇ Port : 1 hour’s driving distance from the international passenger terminal of Daesan Port at Seosan City
ㅇ Road : 1.5 hour’s driving distance from Seoul

■ Current Development Status and Future Plans

ㅇ Plans to construct ‘Seosan Marina and Resort’ were included in the amended version of the 1st national plan for Developing Marina Ports in Korea (2015~2019)
ㅇ Hanseo Univ., which specializes in marine and leisure sports education, is actively looking for business partners, such as marina development & Investment firms
ㅇ Immediate project launching available
ㅇ Expected virtuous clustering with Seosan Bio Wellbeing Research Zone, Taean Business Town and Anmyeondo Development Project, which is constructed near ‘Seosan Marina and Resort’ site

■ Site Attractions

ㅇ Optimal location for Marina & Resort’ in Yellow-Sea Rim
  - Cheonsu Bay is the only place for marina in Yellow-Sea Rim, including Korea and China, with calm waters that are more than 10 meters deep, it is the ideal place for boat and yacht sailing as well as marine leisure activities
  - Located at famous ‘Anmyeondo Island zone’, more than 10 million tourists visiting per annum, ‘Seosan Marina & Resort’ is expected to serve as a major recreational facility for high numbers of vacationers and tourists in a region
  - Cheonsu Bay, where ‘Seosan Marina & Resort’ will be located, is one of world famous bird sanctuary for 320 species’ migratory birds, and is designated as one of 17 eco-tourism sites in Korea
  - As there are several islands with beautiful landscape in this region, including famous ‘Jukdo Island’, it is well suited for building a high-end leisure facility and introducing various maritime leisure programs such as yacht and fishing tours
ㅇ Close to global transportation infrastructure
  - ‘Seosan Marina & Resort’ is expected to serve diverse functions as a major accommodation facility, as well as commercial, recreational and sports facilities for international tourists who use the international passenger terminal of Daesan Port and the Seosan International Airport (to be constructed)
ㅇ Strong Government’s Support Expected
  - In terms of geographic competitiveness, this project is one of strong candidates of the government grant for ‘national marina port development project’, it could be up to US$ 30 M for developing public infrastructure, such as seawalls, shore protections, and roads. (The details on government grant of ‘national marina port development’ will be provided for MOU signed potential partners only)
  - In additions, the usage charge of public water surface in the marina port area will be 100% exempted until December, 31, 2020

■ Tourism Resources

Incentives for the Development of Tourism Real Estate
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