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Gobuk Farmer's Garden

■ Investment Highlights

ㅇ Project Proposal : Pacesetting Agri-tourism Multi-dimensional Complex Development Project
ㅇ Key Rationale
  - Located in Hinter-land of Daesan Port, the major Port for nation’s trade with China & accommodating “Ferries Carry Chinese Tourist”
  - New concept theme park with unique experiences offering of the advanced farm producing, Fine Food manufacturing & Tourism
 - Expected government’s proactive supporting for enabling 6th industry stimulation policy

■ Project Summary

ㅇ Type : Agri-Tourism Multi-dimensional Theme Park
ㅇ Total Area : 895,687㎡
ㅇ Address : 113-1, Sagi-ri, Gobuk-Myeon, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
ㅇ Investment : US$ 195 million
ㅇ Progress : Public and City Owned Land (95%)
ㅇ Facilities

Area (m²) Main Facility
Agricultural Theme Park 293,030 Farm product Exhibition Pavilion, Theme Garden, Performance & Event space, Concert Hall etc.
Agricultural Product Sales and Distribution Center 207,930 Agricultural Product marketplace and Distribution & warehouse, Business Center etc.
Agricultural experience field and education facility 203,110 Agricultural experience farm and ranch, animal farm, convention & seminar facility, accommodation etc.
Marketplace(Street Mall) 62,300 Street mall, Local craft & Organic food restaurants, Souvenir store, outdoor cultural space, etc.
Others 129,317 Parking Zones and other facilities

■ Accessibility

ㅇ Distance : 1 hour driving distance from the Capital Zone, 3 hours from whole country
ㅇ Airport : 140km from Incheon international airport(2hours)
ㅇ Port : 1 hour from Daesan Port (International passenger terminal)
ㅇ Road : 47Km (2 hours) from Seoul area using West Coast highway 5.4km (7min.) from Haemi IC, 10.5km (15min.) from Hongseong IC

■ Development situation and plan

ㅇ Plying international liner of Daesan Port at Seosan City
  - Between Daesan port and Longyan port, Rongcheng, China, international passenger ships will start regular line services in 2017
ㅇ Carrying forward hosting a civil aviation to Seosan airfield
  - Attracting a civil aviation using the air force facilities
  - On a feasibility study by government, reflecting the 5th airport development mid-long term comprehensive plan
ㅇ National plan for developing hub city of Yellow Sea RIM
  - Designated ‘hub city of business and tourism of Yellow Sea Rim’ by government

■ Site Attraction

ㅇ Regional characteristic
  - Daesan Port & International Passenger terminal : The shortest marine route for China (339km), the advanced base of the marine trade with China
  - One of major petrochemical complexes in Korea, and the leading industrial cluster of automotive industry
  - Located ‘Garorim Bay’, one of the famous mud flats around the world, Awarded ‘the 1st environmental value location’ in Korea
  - Located beautiful ‘Cheonsuman Bay’, the biggest migratory bird’s sanctuary in Asia
  - The meaningful historic area which received foreign cultures at the first in Korea, such as Buddhism, Catholic through the Yellow sea marine trade route
ㅇ Location condition
  - Competitive low price of purchasing lands and the easiness for securing lands (95% government owned)
  - Increased the worldwide awareness from the visit of Pope Francis to Seosan city
  - Beautiful landscape of the west coast and the largest reclaimed land in Korea

■ Tourism resources

ㅇ History-culture tourist sites
  - 'Haemieupseong Fortress‘, a holy place of Catholic, visited by Pope Francis in 2014
  - Seosan Rock-carved Buddha Triad’, a famous national treasure in Korea
  - 'Gaesimsa Temple’ & 'Bowonsa Temple‘, one of famous temples with beautiful scenery
ㅇ Natural recreation tourist sites with beautiful scenery
  - 'Ganwolam Temple‘, famous for beautiful sunset
  - 'Palbongsan Mt.‘, 'Gayasan Mt.', and 'Hwanggeumsan Mt.' with beautiful natural scenery and famous for unusual rock formations
  - Famous eco-tourism site, 'Seosan Korean-indigenous-cattle, (‘Hanwoo’) Ranches‘
  - Seosan Birdland‘ migratory bird museum and 4D theatre
ㅇ Festivals
  - Haemieupseong Fotress history experience festival, Ryubangtaek star festival, Seosan 6-clove garlic festival, Seosan Chrysanthemum festival, Ginseng festival etc.

Incentives for the Development of Tourism Real Estate
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