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Seodongyo Theme Park Hotel in Buyeo

■ Strong Foundation

Development of hotel with beautiful natural sceneries

■ Project Overview

  • ㅇ Location: Around 418-5, Gahwa-ri, Chunghwa-myeon, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
  • ㅇ Area: 27,574 ㎡ (total area of tourist land: 174,508 ㎡)
  • ㅇ Business Area: Four-star or higher recreational hotels and amenities (250 rooms)
  • ㅇ Transportation Infrastructure
    • Distance: Seoul and Mokpo (2 hrs.), Daejeon (1 hr. and 10 mins), Busan (3 hrs. 10 mins)
    • Airport: Incheon Airport (2 hrs.), Cheongju Airport (1 hr. and 20 mins), Gunsan Airport (30 mins)
    • Port: Gunsanhang Port (30 mins), Pyeongtaekhang Port (1 hr. and 30 mins), Daesanhang Port (1 hr. and 40 mins)
    • Railway: Chungcheong Industrial and Cultural Railway(Boryeong~Buyeo~Sejong, under construction), KTX Gongju Station (40 mins), Nonsan Station (30 min.)
    • Expressway: Gongju-Seocheon Expressway (close to West Buyeo IC), Second Seohaean Expressway (Close to Pyeongtaek - Buyeo - Iksan IC, under construction)
  • ㅇ Characteristics
    • Located in the capital of Baekje Kingdom, designated as a World’s heritage site by the UNESCO, also called a roofless museum.
    • One of the 10 attractions in Buyeo, where Seodongyo Theme Park with beautiful natural sceneries is located.
    • Potentially developed into a stay-type attraction linked with major tourist attractions such as Baekje cultural sites and Jeongnimsa Temple Site
    • Geographic location advantages that can accommodate the demand for accommodations from nearby Jeonbuk and Chungcheong west coast areas.
  • ㅇ Planned Investment: KRW 40 billion
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