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■ Establishment of Intelligent Automotive Technology Research Foundation for Commercialization

Project overview
- Period: Jun, 2010 ~ Feb. 2015
- Objective: Establishment of infrastructure (component test center, Daegu-Gyeongbuk Center, which is the branch of KATECH Daegu center), technology development (core technology, module and system)

- Total expense: KRW 169.1 bn (96.8 bn by the central government, 47.5 bn by the city government, 24.8 bn by the private sector)
- Goal: Improving the level of technology to 65-95 percent of that of advanced countries
  • (ITS-based intelligent vehicle component test center) Establishment of the test site to measure, evaluate and certify the reliability of components and systems which live up to the ISO (International Standardization Organization) standards
    - Beginning of the construction(Nov. 2010), 2012 goal: completing 70 percent of construction in 2012, Completion of construction (Feb. 2013)
그림: ITS기반 지능형 자동차부품 시험장
  • Period : Aug. 2007 ~ Feb. 2013
  • Location: Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun
  • Size: building space (385,000㎡), roads (178,000㎡)
  • Total expense: KRW 97.5bn (35.5 bn by national budget, 58.2 bn by city budget, 3.8 bn by private investment)
      ※ 2012: KRW 15.5 bn (7 bn by central budget, 8bn by city budget, 500 m by private investment)
  • (Daegu-Gyeongbuk Center of KATECH)) To be established within the component test center to play a major role in technology development and actively respond to global trends (Jun. 2010~Feb. 2015, KRW 10 bn)
    - Establishing equipment (15 types), supporting necessary technology, cultivating human resources
    - Surveying the demand for research equipment and establishing equipment (Mar.~Dec. 2012), corporate support
       ┕ 2012: KRW 4 bn (1.7 bn by national budget, 2.3 bn by city budget)
  • (Technology Development) Intelligent automobilesCooperate with automakers to make the technology of core components and systems commercially available(Jun. 2010~ Feb. 2015, KRW 90.5 bn)
    - Developing core technology and module and system technology
    - Evaluation of on-going projects (12) and new project (11)ㆍSelection (Apr.~Jun. 2012)
       ┕ 2012: KRW 25.3 bn (19.5 bn by national budget, 5.8 bn by private investment)

■ Establishment of Support System for Automobile Components and Development of Technology

  • (Promotion of the strategic industry) Development of electric vehicle modules, establishment of auto part development support centers to increase the credibility of test and evaluation (2009~2012, KRW 7.8 bn)
    - Establishing equipment, supporting joint technology development and necessary technology
       ┕ 2012 : KRW 1.16 bn (500 m by national budget, 650 m by city budget, 10 m by private investment)
  • Supporting RIC of electronic automotive components to develop electronic components, core part of the next generation automotive industry and cultivate human resources(2006~2016, KRW 19.1 bn, Keimyung University)
    - Developing automotive ECU* and conducting R&D on electronic automotive components
    * Electronic Control Unit, engineㆍautomatic transmissionㆍelectronic control device that manages ABS via computers
       ┕ 2010 : KRW 1.88 bn(700 m by national budget, 140 m by city budget, 1.04 bn by private investment)
  • Development of intelligent green car powertrain components to respond to the paradigm towards environmentally-friendly high-efficient green cars (2011~2015, KRW 38.5 bn)
    - Development of three platform technologies for core components, establishment of specialized center (area 5,135㎡) and equipment
       ┕2012: KRW 13.25 bn (10.1 bn by national budget, 2.4 bn by city budget, 750 m by private investment)
  • Connecting with metropolitan economic areasㆍ Development of Daegu-Gyeongbuk's next generation automotive components and implementation of corporate support projects(2010~2013, KRW 13.5 bn)
    - R&D(4), customized support for SMEs (commercialization of products, necessary technology, marketing)
       ┕2012: KRW 4.07 bn (2.2 bn by national budget, 340 m by city budget, 660 m by Gyeongbuk Province, 870 m by private investment)

■ Trial Run of Green Car

  • Operating two hybrid buses that emits less CO2 and boasts high energy efficiency to become a leading player in green growth
    - EXCO~Dongdaegu Station~Banwoldang (8 times a day), Dalseong Industrial Complex No. 2~Daegok Station (4 times a day)
  • Facilitation of the electric automotive industry (Oct. 2009) Conducting real-time monitoring on a pure electric vehicle (Blue On) that was launched as a follow-up measure



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