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Everyday Conveniences

Korea boasts safe streets, convenient transportation, good access to medical care, an
outstanding educational environment, and various cultural and leisure opportunities.

Safe streets and easy shopping

Korea is a safe place, both during the day and at night. Korea also has great shopping venues, with everything from department stores and discount shops to high-end boutiques and traditional markets.

Convenient transportation

Korea’s high-speed KTX rail network connects all major cities within a 2- to 3-hour ride. Frequent subway
and bus service makes getting around cities convenient and affordable. Plus, major metropolitan areas have-well integrated public transportation networks with low-cost transfers between all mass transit modes.

Vibrant culture

Korea offers a vibrant blend of traditional and western cultural experiences. Expats have easy access to
everything from traditional concerts and the latest movies to world-class musicals and opera
performances at theaters and concert halls nationwide.

Outstanding educational environment

As of November 2018, there are 40 foreign and international schools and 8 educational institutions in Korea. Besides, there are 4 international schools in Jeju which are founded with approval of
Jeju-do Superintendent of Education.
There are also Japanese, German, Mongolian, and Norwegian schools, all of which provide
a high-quality educational environment for expat families. 
(Source: KOTRA "2018 Guide to Living in Korea")

First-Rate Medical Care

Korea’s advanced medical field offers reasonably priced services, attracting growing numbers of medical
tourists from around the world each year. Each region has multiple general hospitals and private clinics. Expats will
have no communications problems at major hospitals nationwide.