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    Is it possible to go through customs clearance for the car a foreign investor used in the home country as moving cargo when entering Korea, and what are the customs duty rates?
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    - In order to enable a used car imported by a foreign investor to be recognized as moving cargo, the period when the car has been used or possessed under the name of the person who moves or his/her accompanying family members should be more than three months before the date of entry (the shipping date, if shipping is made earlier) (which including the first date of operation under such name confirmed by the temporary registration certificate).
    - In this case, a car per household of the person w ho moves (including the accompanying family members) can be exempted from the duty if the car was made in Korea and exported, while a car per household of which is recognized as moving cargo is subject to duties payable regardless of the used period if the car was made in a foreign country.
    - The car which can be cleared as moving cargo is a passenger car with a capacity of 9 people at most including the driver such as a sedan, a jeep or a station wagon. And documents should be submitted to prove its registration such as a vehicle registration, a certificate of title and an insurance policy issued by government of the residing country. However, a van, a caravan, a truck and other vehicles, and a car for the purpose of business cannot be cleared as moving cargo.
    - Customs duties for clearing a vehicle are as follows. In case where the actual paid price cannot be determined, the taxation prices of the used car will be calculated by depreciating the decrease in value according to the used period from the price list of a new car on the Blue Book and adding the freight and insurance.
    Classification Duty Rate Individual Consumption Tax Rate Educational Tax Rate Value Added Tax Rate Total Tax Rate
    Over 2,000 CC 8% 6% 30% of Individual Consumption Tax 10% 28.06%
    Less than 2,000 CC 8% 5% 30% of Individual Consumption Tax 10% 26.52%
    Less than 1,000 CC (Less than 3.6m by 1.6m) 8%     10% 18.80%


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    If a foreign national resides in Korea with his/her family for more than one year, what customs clearance applies to?
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    - Duty is not imposed during import clearance on items that are recognized as moving goods because it is recognized as necessities to set a residence and live a life among items carried with or additionally entered when a foreign national enters Korea to reside more than one year.
    - However, customs duty, etc. should be paid for ships, airplanes and automobiles, and jewels, pearls, ivory valued at more than KRW two million per item, and brand-new items which are mandatory dutiable goods.
    - In addition, considering the number of person who moves to Korea and his/her accompanying family members, the designated goods under Subparagraph 1 are recognized as moving goods within the quantity under Subparagraph 2. 
    1. Designated Goods
    A. TVs with a monitor of less than a 160 centimeter diagonal, refrigerators and freezers of over 600 liters, dish washers, gas ovens, air conditioners, movie cameras, and projectors
    B. Carpets, lighting equipment and electronic audio devices with a value of more than KRW two million per item or per set
    C. Luxury furniture with a value of more than KRW five million per item or KRW eight million per set
    2.The quantity of moving goods recognized according to the number of family members
    가족 수에 따른 이사물품 인정수량
    The number of family members The quantity of recognized moving goods
    1~2 1
    3~4 2
    9 or more
    Provided, TVs are recognized within the number of accompanying family members.
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    Is it possible to receive duty exemption for the raw material for a test run?
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    The duty exemption is possible. It is necessary to submit ① Foreign investment notification (stating it is the raw material for a test run as capital goods in kind/issued by a foreign exchange bank or KOTRA), ② Confirmation of the duty exemption industry (issued by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance/stating it is the raw material for a test run), and ③ Application to verify the capital goods statement for introducing capital goods (issued by a foreign exchange bank or KOTRA/stating it is the raw material for a test run) as well as the application for duty exemption.

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    What should be done if the machine which was introduced as capital goods is needed to be exported for the purpose of repairing, etc.?
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    In order to export the machine, the approval from the head of jurisdictional customs house (post management) is necessary (Application form for export approval to goods subject to post management/Form number 7). The post management is suspended during the exportation, and it is resumed if the machine is re-imported after repairing.

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    What documents are required for a foreign-invested company to apply for exemption on customs duties and others on capital goods that are subject to duty exemption?
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     When importing general dutiable goods, it is mandatory to submit an invoice, a bill of lading, a packing list, etc; however,
     when importing goods that are subject to duty exemption, it is additionally mandatory to prepare and submit the following documents: ① Application for duty exemption (customs duty, individual consumption taxes, value added taxes), ② Foreign investment notification (foreign exchange banks or KOTRA), ③ Written decision for duty exemption (Ministry of Strategy and Finance), and ④ capital goods statement for introducing capital goods (foreign exchange banks).


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