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    Can children of foreign residents in Korea receive childcare subsidies?
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    Only children who are Korean nationals are eligible for childcare subsidies (for daycare) offered by local governments. 
    However, foreigners are eligible to use toy or book rental services. 
    - How to apply: Register at the relavant local government’s childcare service website and receive a membership card
    - Membership fee: KRW 10,000 ~ 20,000 (Varies by local government)
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    Can a foreigner receive subsidies for pregnancy and childbirth medical expenses?
  • Content
    Foreigner may be eligible for benefits that are designed specifically for pregnancy and childbirth medical expenses, provided that he/she is insured under the Korea’s national health insurance scheme. 
    ※ What are the benefits for the “Pregnancy and Childbirth Medical Expenses”?
    The Gounmom card is an electronic voucher card for pregnant women which provides benefits to cover pregnancy and childbirth related medical expenses for the purpose of helping women deliver healthy babies and maintain pre- and post-natal health. 
    About the Gounmom Card
    - Eligibility: Woman who have verified their pregnancy with a written confirmation of pregnancy and applied for such support, among the insured and their dependents under the National Health Insurance Scheme 
    - Scope of coverage: Medical expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth
    - How to use the card: The card can be used to pay for medical expenses at a designated medical care institution in connection with pregnancy and childbirth.
    - Amount of benefits: KRW 500,000 per pregnancy (KRW 700,000 for multiple pregnancies)
    - Period of use: From the date of receiving card to 60 days after the due date 
    ※ The amount that has not been used within the above period shall expire
    - Where to submit an application: A branch of the National Health Insurance Corporation, Shinhan Bank (Shinhan Card), Kookmin Bank (Kookmin Card) or a post office
    - Required documents: Application form for support for payment of medical expenses for pregnancy and childbirth and written confirmation of pregnancy.
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    Are there any emergency medical services for foreigners in Korea?
  • Content
    The emergency call number 119 is similar to 911 in North America. In Seoul, 119 response centers provide emergency medical interpretation services in English,, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian, but the languages available in other cities may differ. If the language you use is not available, it is advised to use the BBB free interpretation service to call the center.
    ※BBB 24 Hours Interpretation Service: 1588-5644
    - Serviced languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Portuguese, Arabian, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Mongolian
    - Service time: 24 hours
    - Website: www.bbbkorea.org
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    Can a foreigner apply for a Korean credit card?
  • Content
    Foreigners who hold a foreign registration card, are 20 years or older, are employed in Korea and own an account at the applicable bank
    -  Required documents: Income certificate (recent three months), employment contract, foreign registration card, and passport
    - Issuance process: The credit card review team will evaluate the applicant’s documents. If the application is rejected, a credit card can be issued by making a deposit at the applicable bank (KEB Bank). In this case, the credit card limit will be 90 percent of the deposit, and the deposit will be returned after the credit card is cancelled.
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    What should you do with data roaming when you are abroad?
  • Content
    Every smartphone user needs to use certain amount of data. If you do not plan to use data while you are out of Korea, it is advised to block the data use at the airport before departing the country. If you plan to use data, it is advised to subscribe to an unlimited data plan before departing the country.
    Additional information: Unlimited data roaming plans of three telecommunication companies in Korea
    1. SK Telecom’s unlimited data roaming plan
    SK텔레콤 데이터 로밍 요금제
    Data Plan Service Charge Data Offered Serviced Countries
    One Pass
    T Roaming Data
    Unlimited One-Pass
    KRW 9,000 /day
    (KRW 9,900 including VAT)
    Unlimited 124 service provides in 100 countries (Subscribers should manually select the designated network operator in each serviced country)


    2. Olleh KT’s data roaming plans

    Olleh KT 데이터 로밍 요금제
    Data Plan Service Charge Data Offered Serviced Countries
    Olleh unlimited data roaming
    KRW 10,000 /day
    (KRW 11,000  including VAT)
    Unlimited 98 service providers in 69 countries


    3. LG U+ data roaming plan

    LG U+ 데이터 로밍 요금제
    Data Plan Service Charge Data Offered Serviced Countries
    Unlimited data roaming
    KRW 10,000 /day
    (KRW 11,000 including VAT)
    Unlimited 85 countries


  • Title
    What should you do if you lost your cellphone?
  • Content
    It is strongly recommended to report loss and request originating call denial immediately to avoid excessive cellphone bills.
    If a cellphone was lost in a department store or a subway station, contact the department store’s customer service center or the subway station’s lost & found center.
    The Korea Association for ICT Promotion (KAIT) operates an on-line lost cellphone finding service (http://www.handpone.or.kr/) free of charge, which locates any phone that is sent to the local post office, lost & found center or the police.
  • Title
    Are there free Korean language programs for foreign residents in Korea?
  • Content
    Commissioned by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, Invest Korea has operated the Korean Language School (KLS) since September 2007 to support foreign investors staying in Korea to address language barriers, which has often been one of the biggest problems faced by foreigners living in Korea. 
    - Eligibility: A-1, D-4, D-8, E-3, F-2, F-3 visa holders
    - Venue: Invest Korea Plaza
    - Inquiries: 02)3460-7376
    <Other Free-Based Korean Language Courses>
    1. Offline only
    Seoul Global Center: http://global.seoul.go.kr
    2. Online/offline
    KOTRA Contact Korea: http://contactkorea.go.kr/en/index.do
    3. Online only
    KBS Let's Learn Korean: http://world.kbs.co.kr/learn_korean2
    Talk To Me in Korean: http://www.talktomeinkorean.com
    < Other Korean Language Courses (Charged) >
    1. Offline only
    Kyung Hee Univ. IIE: http://eng.iie.ac.kr
    Korean Language & Culture Center Korea University: http://klcc.korea.ac.kr
    Hansei Korean Language Institute: http://www.hskli.com/eng/
    Easy Korean Academy: http://www.edukorean.com/english/
    King Sejong Institute: http://www.sejonghakdang.org/
    Sogang Korean Program: http://korean.ac.kr/
    The Korean Language Institute : http://www.yskli.com/
  • Title
    If a foreigner changes his/her address, is a notification of change of address required?
  • Content
    A registered foreigner who has changed his/her place of sojourn should notify the immigration control office having jurisdiction over the sojourn place or the head of the relevant Si/Gun/Gu office within 14 days. 
    - Required documents; Passport, foreigner registration certificate, notification form, lease contract 
    ※ Failure to make a notification within 14 days from the date on which change in place of sojourn occurred is a violation of Article 36 of the Immigration Control Act and shall result in a fine of up to KRW 1 million.
  • Title
    Can a foreigner exchange his/her driver’s license into a Korean driver’s license?
  • Content
    A foreigner who hold a driver’s license issued by an authorized foreign agency can exchange the foreigner’s license with a Korean driver’s license after submitting a certificate from his/her home country’s embassy proving the authenticity of the foreign driver’s license and undergoing a physical exam and/or taking a written test.
    - A foreigner who was issued a driver’s license from a country which recognizes Korean driver’s license may only undergo the physical exam. To see the list of countries which recognize Korean driver’s license, visit the Road Traffic Authority Driver’s License Examination Office (http://dl.koroad.or.kr).
    - To exchange a driver’s license which was issued in a country which does not recognize Korean driver’s license, the license holder should undergo a physical exam and take written test.
    - Required documents: Foreign driver’s license, passport, foreign registration card, three color photos (3x4cm), certificate from home country’s embassy proving the authenticity of foreign driver’s license, KRW 10,000 (processing fee)
    ※ Only foreign driver’s license which are not expired are deemed valid, and temporary driver’s license, leaner’s permits and driving permits cannot be exchanged into Korean driver’s license.
    ※ KOTRA’s Inbound Investment Consulting Division provides foreign driver’s license exchange service from March, 2014 (Scheduled)
  • Title
    What are the types of rent in Korea?
  • Content
    1. Deposit-only lease (Jeonse or Key Money Deposit)
    Deposit-only lease is a real property lease system unique to Korea. A substantial amount of money (generally 30 to 60% of the property value) is deposited with the owner, without interest, instead of paying monthly or yearly rent. In general, the typical lease term is two years. Upon expiry or termination of the lease, the deposit is returned in full.
    2. Monthly rental (Monthly Payment)
    The tenant pays rent each month on a pre-determined day in addition to depositing a sum equivalent to the total amount of monthly rent for one or two years. The advance deposit is much greater compared with Western standards: however, the greater the amount deposited in advance, the smaller the amount of monthly rent.
    If a tenant or lessee fails to pay the monthly rent, the lessor may deduct the amount from the deposit. The deposit is returned upon expiry of the lease. If a tenant is not able to pay monthly rent, the lessor may deduct the equivalent amount from deposit.
    3. Monthly Rent Paid Out of Deposit
    Under this lease, the lessee pays one year's (12 months) rent in advance. No additional deposit is required. The lease period ranges from one to three years as agreed upon by the two parties.


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