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Arthur Yeo
[FDI Procedures] Set up manufacturing of customised printed sticky pads in South Korea
Dear Executives

We wish to invest in South Korea for the manufacturing of printed sticky memo pads.

Please allow me to introduce Paper Innovation. Paper Innovation specialize in the technical know how and development of customised sticky memo pads printing solutions. We manufacture Sticky Pads Machines and supply raw materials. It is a Singapore Made System

We plan to set up the manufacturing plant to do printing of customised sticky pads in South Korea. The systems and re-positional adhesive materials will be supplied from Singapore. We hope it is favourable to set up a printing company in South Korea.
Our first step is to write to companies from general printing, advertising and corporate gifts industry. This will be our preliminary market study. These industries are our main pillars that is supporting us. We would like to make appointment to visit them in South Korea after our introductory letter.

Please help us as how best to achieve our objectives.

With warmth wishes.
Arthur Yeo
Client Support Manager

Paper Innovation Pte Ltd
40 Ubi Crescent, 01-04 Ubi Techpark
Singapore 408567

Website: www.print-it.com.sg   I   Tel: 065 6744 0766


Consultant :
Dear Mr. Yeo, 

Thank you for visiting our website. 

The investment consulting center provides information and consulting on FDI procedures. 
Unfortunately, we do not provide service on helping foreign investors to network with local partners. 

For this area, you are kindly advised to contact consulting firms. 
You could download the guide linked below and check out the list of law firms on page 183. 

You can also find information on FDI procedure on page 21 of the same guide. 


Best regards

Sunny Lee