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Dear Sirs,
I´m the export manager at Olivapalacios, S.L., a family-run business in Ciudad Real Spain, which produces extra virgin olive oil.
We are interested on exporting our olive oil and more spanish products to Korea, and we have an importer that may help us with the project. In fact, we would like to open a branch in Korea or maybe associate with the importer and start a company as partners, and we need advice with this, please.
I have contacted ICEX in Seoul and Korea, and both of them have told me to contact you. May you please help me with this?
Thank you very much in advance.
María Ubago


Consultant :
Dear Maria Ubago,

In case of setting up a branch office in Korea, you need to submit the application at a foreign exchange bank in Korea, not KOTRA.

Once you submit the application for branch setup and get the approval from the bank, you need do the court registration & business registration of your branch office.

For more information regarding branch office, required documents, etc., please download the PDF file "Guide to Establishing a Business in Korea"
on the www.investkorea.org website and check page 23 to 26.

If you have questions regarding foreign direct investment procedures, please contact me anytime.


Thank you.

Lena Kim
Investment Consulting Center