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Kwan Mak
[FDI Procedures] Establishing a non-profit organization
Our company is a charity in Hong Kong. We would like to establish an office as a non-profit organization in South Korea. May I know about the requirements and restriction?


Consultant :
Dear Kwan Mak,

In order for a non-profit organization to be recognized as foreign investment, you must meet the requirements
according to the Foreign Investment Promotion Act.

Contributions to an NPO by a foreigner of not less than KRW 50 million accounting for 10 percent or more of the total contribution
amount that meet one of the following conditions, and which are recognized as foreign investment by the Foreign Investment Committee
as prescribed by Article 27 of the Act, are recognized as foreign investment.

- An NPO established for the purpose of promotion, etc. of science, art, medical services, or education and which continues
to conduct its business with a view to developing professionals in the relevant fields and to expanding international exchanges
- An NPO that is a regional office of an international organization that engages in international cooperation business
between civilians or governments

For further inquires, please contact me via email (lenakim@kotra.or.kr) or call +82-2-3497-1056.

Thank you.

Lena Kim
Investment Consulting Center