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[Customs] Import of chemicals
Where can I get a consultation about importing chemicals from abroad to Korea? I would like to know what documents are needed to prepare and what is the procedure look like? 


Consultant :
Dear Jenny,

Regarding the general import clearance system of Korea, please refer to the Korea Customs Service website at www.customs.go.kr.

Please note that any person who intends to manufacture or import a chemical (where a person entrusts the import of a chemical to an import agent,
referring to the import agent; hereinafter the same shall apply) shall verify the relevant chemicals or any ingredient thereof falls under the Article 9
of the Chemicals Control Act, and submit the details thereof to the Minister of Environment before you import the chemicals.

For more questions, please contact me via email (lenakim@kotra.or.kr) or call 02-3497-1056.

Thank you.

Lena Kim
Investment Consulting Center