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[Visa] Intra company transfer visa

We have recently started our subsidiary in Seoul and would like to send an Indian national to set up operations and hire local staff.

Please could you recommend an agency who could help us with the intra-company transfer visa ?

The Korean consulate here in India has advised that we go through a Korean based consultant.

Thank you.


Consultant :
Dear Nikhil,

First of all, you need to check whether this Indian national your company wants to transfer to Korea is eligible to apply for a D-8 visa.

If the company you established in Korea is a foreign-invested company and the visa applicant meets the requirements for D-8 visa eligibility,
he/she can come to the KOTRA office in Seoul and apply for the visa direclty, if the documents are ready.

I will send you the relevant information and check list for D-8 visa application to your email address written above.

If you still need a private agency who can actullay prepare and deal with the visa application, please let me know.

Thank you.

Lena Kim
Investment Consulting Center