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Clayton Snyder
[National Tax] Mr. Snyder
I'm a private, non-professional investor. I don't work for any company or institution.  I trade on Forex markets. 
I'm in the process of applying and accepting a teaching job in Seoul and would receive an E2 visa. 
My question is:
May I earn income from individual forex trading while living in Korea on an E2 Visa?
What will I need to do/apply for, to allow me to trade while living in Korea?


Consultant :
Mr. Snyder,

As long as you do not manage or run the business directly in Korea, FOREX trading on E-2 visa doesn't seem to be against the Immigration policy.

However, according to the Income Tax Act of Korea, if a foreign taxpayer is a resident of Korea, he/she must pay taxes on all income that was
generated both within and outside of Korea.

For more information regarding tax issues in Korea, check out the NTS website at www.nts.go.kr/eng or call +82-1588-0560 for foreign language services.

Thank you.

Lena Kim
Investment Consulting Center