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I'm Brazilian and want to invest in South Korea, who this is possible?


Consultant :
Hello Jessica,

First of all, you'd better decide what type of investment you want to make in Korea.

There can be a stock investment in listed companies (indirect investment), or setting up a business in Korea and managing it yourself (direct investment).

KOTRA's consultation services are regarding foreign direct investment type only; once you decide the business activity you want to do in Korea,
you need to complete the foreign investment procedures accordingly. The minimum investment capital to register a foreign-invested company in Korea is KRW 100 million.

You can check the details of foreign investment procedures at www.investkorea.org -> "What Investors Need to Know" -> "FDI System."

If you want to acquire a permanent resident visa in Korea, you need to look at the Immigrant Investor Scheme run by the Ministry of Justice.
The website is www.visa.go.kr.

Let me know if you have further inquiries regarding the foreign direct investment. Thank you.

Lena Kim
Investment Consulting Center