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[General] Export from Korea
Dear Sir/Madam,
I ask you for advice in searching for partners in Korea which are produce goods for buty and health to import them into Russia and CIS.
I have information about some prodecers, like SNP, but I cannot find their offical website.
I ask you to help me with some contacts of health and beauty goods producers.


Consultant :
Dear Vitaly,

If you are looking for information regarding Korean producers in beauty & health, check out the buyKOREA website run by KOTRA.

www.buykorea.or.kr -> if you choose the "seller" then you can search products manufactured by Korean companies by product category.

Regarding SNP, their official homepage of shoppingmall is www.snpmall.net, and the company's website is http://sdbiotech.co.kr.

Hope this helps.

Investment Consulting Center