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Aleksandra Porebska
[Legal ] Mrs
Dear Ms/Mr

we are a company manufacturing liposomal vitamins and minerals, based in Ireland. 
We have been approached by IROAD company (http://gigamarket.net/) to sell products to the Korean market and looking for help. In order to start the registration process, we need to confirm the quality of products according to Korean regulations. 
Could you please advise who can help us with the registration process? 

Yours sincerely
Aleksandra Porebski


Consultant :
Hello !

In order to sell vitamins in the Korean market, you must obtain permission from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea. 

By the way, this permit must be obtained by the importer(IROAD), not you, the exporter. Of course, your cooperation will be required when the importer obtains a permit.

Even if IROAD does not directly import vitamins into Korea and provides other services to your company, I think IROAD knows better than anyone else about the answers to your questions.

Additional questions are welcome.