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Foreign companies doing businesses in Korea after entering the Korean market through FDI are fully aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and making significant economic and social contributions.

CSR activities of DHL

Global logistics company DHL is engaging in diverse social contribution activities to fulfill its mission of “We Connect People and Improve Their Lives.” Under the theme of “Go Green,” “Go Help,” and “Go Teach,” DHL is extending its outreach in various areas including preservation of cultural heritage, fundraising for Nepal earthquake victims, and educational programs for children and children with disabilities. 

DHL의 사회공헌 활동 이미지

CSR activities of BASF

World-class chemical company BASF is contributing to the local community through various CSR activities in Korea. Fully utilizing its expertise in chemistry, it launched the BASF Kids’ Lab, an interactive chemistry education program for children, and established a council on environmental safety for the first time in the chemical industry.

BASF의 사회공헌 활동 이미지

CSR activities of Dassault Systemes Korea

Dassault Systemes Korea is leading collaboration between industry and academia and encouraging creativity in college students. As part of such efforts, Dassault Systemes Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Seoul National University to give the school’s students opportunities to turn their innovative ideas into businesses. Following the MOU, the company will offer its 3D design technology and provide support for products and technology to the national school’s students setting up start-up companies. The company also entered into an MOU with Sogang University to cooperate on research and development for robots capable of assisting the elderly and patients with muscle weakness.

다쏘시스템코리아의 사회공헌 활동 이미지