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FDI in Korea

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in South Korea has continuously grown since 2001.
Reported amount of FDI has continued to reach around USD 20 billion every year since 2015, maintaining its strong upward momentum.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Korea

The recent rise in foreign direct investment is attributed to growing capital inflow from investors in emerging countries including China and Middle Eastern nations through the Korea-China FTA, summit diplomacy, and other policy measures to reinforce economic cooperation. Increased investment in service sectors such as logistics and cultural contents is another driving force behind the rising FDI in Korea. In recent years, global companies are increasingly establishing headquarters and R&D centers in Korea, while expanding investment into higher value–added businesses like advanced materials.


FDI amounts declared (2019)

(USD 1 million)

년도별 외국인 직접투자 현황 그래프 - 2005년 부터 2015년까지 지속적으로 증가하고 있으며 2015년 기준 투자금액은 20.9 Billion에 달한다

* Source: MOTIE

Foreign-invested companies in Korea

Around 16,000 foreign companies are doing businesses in Korea in a variety of fields including finance, technology, motor vehicles and automotive parts, and medical service. Among them, 246 companies are Fortune 500 Global Enterprises.

Foreign-invested Companies in Korea

한국에 진출한 외국인 투자기업 중 포춘 글로벌 500개 기업에 속한 기업의 로고 이미지