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Headquarters & Global Network

Find out about Invest KOREA’s headquarters and KOTRA’s 127 overseas offices, of which 36 of them are overseas FDI offices devoted to attract foreign investment.

  • Invest KOREA
  • Foreign Investor Support Center
  • Office of the Foreign Investment Ombudsman
  • Inbound Investment Consulting Department
  • Foreign Investor Aftercare Office
  • Investment Planning Department
  • Investment Promotion Department
  • Overseas Investment & Reshoring Support Department
  • Investment Strategy Team
  • Investment Public Relations Team
  • Foreign Firm Employment Support Team
  • New Industry Investment Promotion Team
  • Key Industry Investment Promotion Team
  • Service Industry Investment Promotion Team
  • Outbound Investment &
    M&A Team
  • Reshoring Support Team
Kotra 조직 및 부서 안내
Team Key functions Telephone
Department Team
Investment Planning Department Investment Strategy Team
  • Establishes investment promotion strategies & plans and governs general IK affairs, networks with domestic and foreign investment promotion agencies, etc.
  • Operates Invest KOREA's advisory council and forum
  • Identifies trends in foreign investment (corporate), analyzes policy outcomes, researches improvement measures, analyzes statistics, etc.
  • Develops and manages large-scale investment promomtion projects(IKW, etc.)
  • Supports and promotes foreign investors and investment promomtion agencies moving into IKP
Investment Public Relations Team
  • Promotes Korea's advantages as an investment destination to potential foreign investors and interested parties
  • Produces PR materials on Korea's investment environment, key industries, IK, etc.
Foreign Firm Employment
Support Team
  • Plans and Implements strategies to support foreign-invested companies with recruitment
  • Identifies the recruitment needs of each firm and builds relevant employment information DBs
  • Builds employment-related networks with foreign firms, universities, headhunting companies, etc.
Investment Promotion Department New Industry Investment Promotion Team
  • Assigns investment promotion goals to KOTRA trade centers, management & evaluations / finds domestic investment promomtion projects
  • Manages regional (North America, Europe, Asia-Middle East (including Japan), China) investment promomtion activities
Key Industry Investment
Promotion Team
  • Investment promotion activities in chemicals/materials, electrical/electronics, automotive/machinery, aerospace/shipbuilding, consumer goods
Service Industry Investment
Promotion Team
  • Investment promotion activities in real estate/tourism & leisure, logistics/distribution, business services, finance
Overseas Investment Department Outbound Investment Team
  • Lends HR support to overseas Korean firms, operates the Korean Investment Firm Support Center and supports outbound investments (briefing sessions, IR)
  • Publishes guidelines for foreign investment practices and the overseas Korean enterprise directory
  • Supports reshoring firms
M&A Team
  • Global M&A support (overseas property search, project progress management, domestic and overseas financing and introduction to M&A-specialized agencies)
Foreign Investor
Support Center
Inbound Investment
Consulting Department
  • Handles investment licensing / procedures and manages investment notification and other civil affairs
  • Provides investment consulting services (accounting, tax, legal affairs, etc.)
  • Helps foreign investors settle down in Korea (one-day secretarial and consulting services)
Office of the Foreign
Investment Ombudsman
Foreign Investor
Aftercare Office
  • Investigates the challenges/obstacles of foreign-invested firms and handles grievances