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IKMP Inquiry

Hoffman Anderson
ICT company : Smartphone Camera App.
Good Day.

I indulge your attention as i introduce this grand opportunity to collaborate with Multinational GCC Fund opening a collaborative window.

Our  focus is on Seed Capital, Investment deal, Start-ups,existing LLC and Project Financing and expansion of investment projects.

Investment & Consultant Group  (AMADCBINTL) is a CONSULTANT and investment  oriented firm desirous to invest money in the areas of agriculture, Real estates, Construction Undertakers, etc. We invest in any company with potentials for rapid growth and whose byelaws allow for foreign direct investments. We fund viable projects, and also invest in any viable, lucrative and profitable business. However, we insist that the host country must be politically stable, have good tax/fiscal policy, dependable investment infrastructure, hospitable people and above all, must be a democratic society.

Thank you.


Hoffman Anderson


Consultant :
Hoffman 에게 보다 더 자세한 회사 정보를 알려주면, 문의한 기업에 대한 더 자세한 회사 자료를 보내 주겠다고 답변 하였음.