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IKMP Inquiry

Automobile/Machine/Parts Company: Epoxy Resin
Good day to you.
My name is Roberto Bosenberg, CEO of Bosenberg Consulting a company dedicated to the trading of goods into USA markets and goods from Asia to Colombia. My company is also engaged in Consulting for International Business.
Worked for more than 12 years as International Manager for Hyundai Corporation, Bogota Office and for 5 years for the Korea Trade Center Kotra in Bogota.
So I believe I know very well the Korean culture and business manners.
I will like to do business with you on promoting Korean investments in Colombia and Colombian investment in Korea.
My contact point in Colombia is bosenbergconsulting9@gmail.com, my mobile is 57-3138305506, in Bogota. Colombia
For your information I am enclosing my CV.
Should you have any question on how we can work together, please let me know.
Roberto Bosenberg
Masters Degree in International Business.
AS Degree Miami Dade College
CEO Bosenberg Consulting


Consultant :
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