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IKMP Inquiry

Pharma/ Healthcare: Jeju Healthcare Town Development Project
To whom it may concern 

This is Hamid Dehghan. I am Marketing & Investment Coordinator. We are a multinational corporation with several subsidiary companies in Iran and some foreign partners in Europe and other countries. We providing loan, finance, capital and investment services especially, in terms of non-renewable and renewable energy and construction and infrastructure and so on. I studied your project (Jeju Healthcare Town Development Project) you expressed you need $ 350 million or more  for your project. You can use our loan special offer as below. It is validated for limited period of time.  

 Loan amount: from 50 million Euro or dollar above 
Interest rate: 3.5 % per year 
Reimbursement year: 10 year (up to one-year grace period)
Bill of guarantee: Bank Guarantee (guarantee of payment) from top or prime banks throughout the world and or interior valid banks of country of origin 
Meanwhile, our scope of collaboration with finance and investment companies just briefed in marketing, considering potential customers request, facilitating, coordinating and introducing them to financing and investing companies and final decision about allocations of financial resources to introduced individuals are on their shoulder.  
Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 
Hamid Dehghan
Marketing & Investment Coordinator 


Consultant :
청라국제시티에 관심있는 분으로써, ikmp 내 부동산 프로젝트에 대해서 문의 하였습니다. 
다른 문의 와 같이 투자가 성향 파악을 위해 보다 더 자세한 회사소개 요청 메일을 보냈음.