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Project Information

In order to globalize Korean companies and industries, Invest Korea works through KOTRA's 36 investment promotion trade centers to find qualified overseas investors and support the foreign investment needs of Korean companies and institutions.

Project Information and Procedures

After receiving applications from companies and organizations wishing to take part in the foreign investment promotion projects, finalists are selected by industry experts, financial institutions, management support agencies and internal and external consultants such as KOTRA industry project managers (PMs). KOTRA's 36 investment promotion trade centers then help the selected companies find qualified investors.

  • Invest KOREA
  • Companies and Institutions Apply
  • Selection Process (Consultant Evaluation)
    • Produce materials for investment promotion
    • Find qualified investors
    • Translation and
      other support
  • KOTRA Investment trade center
  • Headquarters

Eligibility for Application 

Companies: Companies looking for foreign inbound investment such as startups and SMEs Institutions: Local governments, FEX and private developers (with a project that requires foreign investment)
** Companies and institutions that will be dilligent in preparing the materials for the application process and take active part in the investment promotion projects.