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IKMP Project Overview

  • Works through KOTRA's 36 investment promotion trade centers to find qualified overseas investors and support the foreign investment needs of Korean companies and institutions(projects)
  • Supports the globalization of Korean companies and institutions by attracting foreign investment
  • Invests in domestic SMEs showing excellent performance, and review whether they fall under the category of the new industry foreign investment promotion fund's main investment targets, a fund created to attract foreign direct investment
    - 60 percent of the KRW 50 billion fund will be spent on companies selected for the IKMP projects
    - Partner institutions: Korea Development Bank(KDB), Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology(KIAT), Korea Core Industrial Technology Investment Association(KITIA), Hanhwa Investment and Securities

Project Information and Procedures

  • Companies and organizations seeking for foreign investment apply for the project
  • Selections are made after a review process by internal and external consultants
  • Support provided to IKMP projects
    - Investment promotion materials: A factsheet introducing the project in 4 languages of English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese (1 page)
    - Support in finding qualified investors through KOTRA's 36 investment promotion trade centers
    - Project promotion using the Invest Korea website
    - Opportunities to participate in Kotra's various investment promotion events
    - Duration of support: 2 years after selection
  • Invest KOREA
  • Companies and Institutions Apply
  • Selection Process (Consultant Evaluation)
    • Produce materials for investment promotion
    • Find qualified investors
    • Translation and
      other support
  • KOTRA Investment trade center
  • Headquarters

Eligibility for Application 

  • Companies: Companies looking for foreign inbound investment such as startups and SMEs
  • Institutions: Local governments, FEZ and private developers (with a project that requires foreign investment)

* Companies and institutions that will be diligent in preparing the materials for the application process and take active part in the investment promotion projects.

Required Documents and Submission

  • Enterprises: Business application form (including company and personal information usage agreement), business license and company IR documents (either in Korean or English, about 10 pages)
  • Institutions: Business application form (including company and personal information usage agreement), project introduction (either in Korean or English), business license (company)
  • Submit to: ikmp@kotra.or.kr

* Please download below application form and submit with required documents

Download Application Form