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IKMP Project

As national investment promotion agency of Korea, we select promising investment projects for Korean innovative venture companies and SMEs having foreign investment needs. Projects listed below is details and features of each project and their factsheets.

If you have any question about individual projects, please click the inquiry button in each project page. If you want to discover more about IKMP program, or want us to find specific company for you, please click 'General Inquiry' button below. You can leave your own inquiry through Non-Member log in.


Consumer Goods & Primary Industry
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Consumer Goods and Primary Industry: Nail Art

  • Differentiation from existing nail art: Our products allow you to enjoy nail art by yourself without having to go to a nail salon. The benefit given by the nail salon is the duration of nail care, but it lasts a month at most. Hence, the cost can be burdensome. However, our nail stickers allow you to embellish your nails by yourself anywhere and enjoy more cost-effective nail art. Our acetone- free products are harmless to the human body. Moreover, the use of an eco-friendly UV adhesive does not cause nail damage either.
  • Investment Requirement

    • Amount : 500,000
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    • Region : USA, China, Japan
    Consumer Goods and Primary Industry: Nail Art