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IKMP Project

As national investment promotion agency of Korea, we select promising investment projects for Korean innovative venture companies and SMEs having foreign investment needs. Projects listed below is details and features of each project and their factsheets.

If you have any question about individual projects, please click the inquiry button in each project page. If you want to discover more about IKMP program, or want us to find specific company for you, please click 'General Inquiry' button below. You can leave your own inquiry through Non-Member log in.


Consumer Goods & Primary Industry
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Pharma/Healthcare: Full-Face Mask

  • Full-face mask for blocking fine dust: Among all the face masks available in the market, except for industrial/military gas masks, our product is unique in that it can protect not only the respiratory system but also the entire face. The facepiece with triple tight- fitting foam can adhere to the face tightly regardless of different facial contours. The filter position and size are designed to allow the wearer to breathe easily.
  • Investment Requirement

    • Amount : 500,000
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    • Region : USA, China, Japan
    Pharma/Healthcare: Full-Face Mask