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IKMP Project

As national investment promotion agency of Korea, we select promising investment projects for Korean innovative venture companies and SMEs having foreign investment needs. Projects listed below is details and features of each project and their factsheets.

If you have any question about individual projects, please click the inquiry button in each project page. If you want to discover more about IKMP program, or want us to find specific company for you, please click 'General Inquiry' button below. You can leave your own inquiry through Non-Member log in.


Business Service
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Business service: Frozen Food and In-flight Meal

  • Globalization of Korean food: This food development/wholesale & retail distribution company develops and distributes it own food products to t he large global distribution network including Costco, Target, Walmart, Safeway, and Albertsons in the U.S., and in China and Japan, in addition t o the domestic market. The company releases localized Korean instant foods in overseas markets thanks to the Korean Wave phenomenon, and has improved its competitiveness by toll processing/manufacturing and exporting from Korea, and local production and distribution. • Global restaurant market: The global restaurant industry continues to grow as personal exchange and travel between countries become more and more frequent owing to the development of transportation technology. According to MarketLine, the global food service industry is expected to ris e from USD 3 trillion 246.8 billion in 2018 to USD 4 trillion 400 billion in 2023, at an annual average growth rate of 5.2%. Meanwhile, the Chines e restaurant business is expected to exceed CNY 6 trillion in 2022.
  • Investment Requirement

    • Amount : 20M
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    • Region : USA, China, Japan
    Business service: Frozen Food and In-flight Meal