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The Market

With the strong and diverse purchasing power of more than 50 million consumers,
Korea is an ideal test bed for global markets and a laboratory in which to explore future markets.

A top economy

A prosperous nation of 50 million and with a GDP per capita of USD 27,221 and a GNI per capita of USD 27,440, Korea is now one of the world’s top-10 economies in terms of foreign reserves, exports, and total trade.

GDP:14th, Foreign Reserves:7th, Exports:7th, Total Trade:8th

* Source : The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (as of 2016)

Test-bed market

The fact that the major products used by Korean consumers have a high market share in global markets
is a key reason global companies in the IT, food, household goods, fashion, game and film industries have
chosen Korea as a test-bed market.

  • Food & Beverage

    Global product debut by Dole, Nestlé,
    Starbucks, and others

  • Digital/IT

    Product testing by Microsoft, Intel,
    Google, and others

  • Household Goods

    Consumer demand surveys by
    Procter & Gamble, Unilever,
    Samsonite, and others

  • Entertainment

    Global debut of films including
    The Avengers, Spider-Man,
    and Transformers

  • Games

    Primary test bed for Blizzard and
    other global game publishers

* Source : Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry, publications