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Investment Promotion Slogan

About the slogan

“Global Link to Success,” the slogan representing Korea’s initiative to promote foreign investment, captures the nation’s aspiration toward becoming a connecting link to the global economy, filled with unlimited potential, competitiveness, and capability for generating investment synergy.  The central circle, colored in gradation of red and blue inspired by the taegeuk mark of the Korean national flag, symbolizes Korea as a new center to the greater world and a cooperating partner.

Global Link to Success
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Standard slogan design

The campaign slogan is available in two forms. The standard design features the slogan in two lines, while the applied design shows the slogan in a single line. While the standard design is to be used in principle, users may choose to use the applied type depending on application.



최소사이즈 규정그리드시스템


Adding “KOREA” to the slogan

Users may emphasize country name by adding the lettering “KOREA” to the slogan designs following specifications shown below.


Color system

Color system of the slogan includes main colors used in the slogan and a set of supplementary colors allowed for texts used with the slogan.

슬로건 색상 구성주색보조색