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Regional Projects

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Special Planning District in Daecheon Beach

■ Strong Foundation

With Boryeong Mud Festival and landmark of Daecheon Beach to attract tourists all seasons

■ Project Overview

  • ㅇ Location: 2282, Sinheuk–dong, Boryeong–si, Chungcheongnam–do
  • ㅇ Area: 73,430.7 ㎡
  • ㅇ Business Area: Development of special planning district
  • ㅇ Main Facilities: Tourist accommodation facilities, shops in sales facilities, cultural and meeting facilities, Tourist rest facilities, amusement facilities, amusement facility business as per the Tourism Promotion Act
  • ㅇ Transportation Infrastructure
    • 2 hours away from main cities via Daecheon IC in Seohaean Expressway
    • Sejong-si, Naepo New Town, and Taean Company-friendly City are located within 100km.
    • Opening of expressways between Daejeon and Dangjin, and Gongju and Seocheon.
    • New tourist route supplied when a sea-crossing bridge is constructed in National Highway No. 77.
    • For railway transportation, trains are run 16 times daily via Yongsan to Janghang Line (takes 2 hrs. and 30 mins.).
    • Expected to build Chungcheong Line (Boryeong to Jochiwon) (total length of 89 km).
    • For port transportation, Boryeong New Port as a trade port, and Daecheonhang Port as a coastal port are used.
  • ㅇ Characteristics
    • West Coast tourism base cities that link the Gongju and Buyeo tourism districts as adjacent cities in the west coast.
    • Around Boryeong downtown, which is the center of the west coast transportation, north-south line: Railway of Janghang Line and National Highway No. 21, east- west line: National Highway Nos. 36 and 40.
  • ㅇ Planned Investment: KRW 55.2 billion
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Development Project for Anmyeondo Island Tourist Attraction