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Foreign-Invested Sites

자유무역지역 지도
Free Trade Zone (7)
단지형 자유무역지역
Zone Purpose and features
Masan Free Trade Zone
Around 90 companies in industries including electric and electronic, precision equipment, metal and textile and clothing have been relocated to the Masan Free Trade Zone, Korea’s first foreign industrial complex (953,576㎡).
Yulchon Free Trade Zone
The Yulchon Free Trade Zone was established to build an economic base in the Southeastern region of South Jeolla Province and promote balanced development of the regional economy. Tenant companies are in the industries, such as new material and IT, fine chemical and steel. 
Daebul Free Trade Zone
Companies in various sectors including shipbuilding and new and renewable energy have been relocated to the Daebul Free Trade Zone, the leading free trade zone in the Southwestern region, based on the excellent SOC infrastructure, such as airports, ports and expressways. 
Gimje Free Trade Zone
The Gimje Free Trade Zone, which was established in relation to the Gimje Horizon General Industrial Complex, will support the Saemangeum area that is to become an advanced base for exports and the mecca of high-tech industry in North Jeolla Province. 
Gunsan Free Trade Zone
As an advanced base for the Pan-Yellow Sea economic market, the Gunsan Free Trade Zone (8,600,000 pyeong) is home to many industrial complexes including the Gunjang National Industrial Complex and is a growth base for industries, such as automobiles, metal and machinery. 
Donghae Free Trade Zone
Companies in sectors including displays, machinery and chemical have been relocated to the Donghae Free Trade Zone, the leading free trade zone in the Gangwon and Yeongdong region. 
Ulsan Free Trade Zone
Thanks to the national industrial complexes including the Ulsan-Mipo Industrial Complex and the Onsan Industrial Complex and the Ulsan New Port, the Ulsan Free Trade Zone can attract core industries, such as shipbuilding and offshore plants, automobiles and machinery.