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외국인 투자 특별입지 검색
외국인투자 특별입지 검색 테이블
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Gwangyang Sepung

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Seoul Seoul, the capital and largest metropolis of Korea, is considered rapidly rising Northeast Asia’s business hub and leading Korea’s industry. Geographically situated between Asia’s two largest economic powers including China and Japan, Seoul has been leading the Korean economy, buttressed by the state-led economic development plans that began in 1960s. The city has also been expanding its presence in finance and logistics, cutting-edge digital and knowledge-based sectors. Although Seoul takes up a mere 0.6 percent of Korea’s territory, it is responsible for 21 percent of Korea’s total GDP with more than 50 percent of financial-related industries accumulated. In addition, 43 percent of venture companies with cutting-edge technologies are doing operation in the capital city, which makes many foreign investors choose the city their investment destination.