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외국인 투자 특별입지 검색
외국인투자 특별입지 검색 테이블
Division Location Lease or sale Industrial Complex
Songsan Foreign Investment Zone 2-1

Basic information

외국인 투자 특별입지 기본 정보 테이블

Site information

외국인 투자 특별입지 사이트 정보 테이블

Geographic information

Chunchungnam-do Chungcheongnamdo, southern Chungcheong province, is located at the center of Korea, which allows it to get easier access to any regions of Korea within two hours. The 8,598km2 area accounts for 8.6% of the Korean land with a total of 2,118,264 populations including 1,075,266 of male populations and 1,042,998 of female ones. Chungcheongnamdo boasts the optimal investment environment with abundant human resources, perfect social overhead capital, land that can be developed at affordable prices, the cheapest and most stable electricity supply and enough industrial water. (The green and blue symbols represent the West Sea and Mt. Gyeryong in southern Chungcheong, respectively, and the red one indicates its dynamic sprit to move forward down the road.)