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KOTRA hosts a session on overseas M&A sales information

Introduce 62 cases up for sales....Overseas M&A is a shortcut to secure market/ brand/ technology

The Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and the Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA) jointly host “Overseas M&A Sales Information Session” at the Financial Information Center, Yeouido on May 22.

The session, to be attended by about 50 participants from M&A relevant industries-Strategic Investors (SI), Securities, Advisories, Accounting and Law Firms-will introduce M&A information of advanced countries such as the US and Europe as well as Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries highly sought after by Korean firms. The list of German firms under court receivership-which are regarded as potential M&A sales-will also be introduced, including those established 100 years ago.

The cases up for M&A sales from Southeast Asian countries include new growth engine industries, e.g., health care (4) and service industries (13) such as packaging, logistics and finance. From India, which is emerging as a new investment destination for Korean firms, two pharmaceutical firms will be introduced. From European countries, various sectors including IT and auto parts are to be introduced.

KOTRA has supported Korean companies' entry into overseas markets through M&A since 2013. The reason for most of those who use M&A to enter global markets is a strategic purpose, i.e., to secure technologies, brands and market share. In Southeast Asia where the share of investment to secure production base usually appears high, less than 5 percent of the companies using M&A to enter the market makes investment to acquire production base, and more than 95 percent uses M&A for strategic purposes such as △expansion of exports by obtaining distribution channels at early stage △ resolution of various permit and licensing issues.

The Head of Invest KOREA Shawn Chang said, “KOTRA has provided Korean companies who want to enter global markets with opportunities to secure overseas markets, brands, and technologies through M&A support program. We plan to strengthen M&A support program in the future, including technology transfer type in advanced countries.”

Those who want to participate in the session shall contact KOTRA Investment and M&A Team. (☎ 02-3460-7358 / mna@kotra.or.kr)

Source: Invest KOREA (May 20, 2019)

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