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Guide to Filing the 2018 Global Income Tax Return for Foreigners

Foreigners who have global income generated in Korea in 2018 should file a global income tax return and pay tax to the competent district tax office in the same way as Korean nationals by May 31, 2019.
* Global income: Interest income, dividend income, business income, wage & salary income, pension income, other income, etc.

  • Even if a taxpayer closed his/her business or had deficit in 2018, or has no taxes to be paid or refunded, a tax return must be filed.
  • If taxes are not filed and paid when there are taxes to be paid, there are penalties such as imposition of penalty.

Employees who had wage & salary income in Korea in 2018 but failed to settle year-end taxes in February this year can settle taxes and make payments or get a refund during this period of filing global income tax return, so please make sure not to miss this period.

To file a tax return, file electronically through the Hometax system (www.hometax.go.kr → 종합소득세 신고) or visit a nearby district tax office (with your ID card) to get assistance for filing.

Should you have any further inquiries on preparing a global income tax return, please contact a district tax office.

* Please refer to the attached file for details.

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