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To form an alliance ‘Team Korea’ at CES 2020

KOTRA opened a Korea Pavilion, accommodating 95 tech firms at the world’s biggest tech show
Helped have a meeting with the influential tech giants such as Facebook, Verizon Wireless, Amazon and Qualcomm

Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA, President &CEO: Pyung-oh, Kwon) and Korea Electronics Association (KEA) opened a Korea Pavilion at CES 2020, the giant four day consumer electronics trade show which started from Jan. 7. in Las Vegas, U.S.

This year, in particular, Korea Institute of Startup& Entrepreneurship Development (KISED), Gyeonggi Business & Science Accelerator (GBSA), Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency (SNIP) and Suwon Sustainable City Foundation (SSCF) teamed up to put up the pavilion where 95 Korean tech companies unveiled their next generation of innovation. Further surprisingly, transformative technologies of 67 out of 95 Korean businesses were on display inside the CES Eureka Park, a global stage for a preview of the innovation debuting.

This year’s buzzworthy tech trends are digital therapy, the next generation mobility, future food-tech, facial recognition, robotic engineering etc. Combined with these super cool technologies, numerous products and services developed in Korea wowed visitors in Vegas.

CES, every year, discover thousands of products for the CES Innovation Award, an annual competition honoring outstanding technologies in consumer electronics. World leading tech giants Samsung Electronics, LG and a lot more smaller businesses in Korea were on the list of this year’s award winners. Honorees include LinkFace, who developed a set of wireless noise-cancelling headphones with bioelectric monitoring system that could prevent hearing loss for children, Corners Co., Ltd., an intelligence evacuation solution to well prepare firearm violence, and Microsystems, Inc., developing IoT sensors for self-cleaning technology that can promptly remove pollutants on the lenses.

Partnering with local offices across North and Latin America to reach out to potential buyers, KOTRA invited a group of purchasing managers working for the world’s most influential players such as Facebook, Verizon Wireless, Ford Motor Company, Amazon, Qualcomm and HP in an attempt to help Korean tech firms at the show meet with those in key positions within the department.

The head of the state-run agency said “CES 2020 is a window where we can catch a glimpse into the technologies today and tomorrow to make predictions about what comes next.”, adding that “KOTRA will make an all-out effort to help entrepreneurs in Korea show off innovation and form partnership doing business in the global arena.”

Source : KOTRA (2020.01.09)

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