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Time for global partnering at a shared office space

The first GP center service launched in Shanghai
Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur and Athens, Greece GP centers to be open this March

KOTRA (President & CEO, Pyung-Oh, Kwon) starts to switch overseas Global Partnering Center (GP) located in the city of Shanghai, China into a shared office space to provide personalized marketing service.

The GP centers worldwide have formed global networks so far, helping Korean businesses particularly in automobile or shipbuilding industry team up with local business partners and be part of global value chain.

Taeyang Metal Industrial Co., Ltd said how come they decided to move into the Shanghai office, adding “We can rent the place way cheaper than we normally do and work together with numerous local entrepreneurs at the center.”

Here’s a success story to be shared with. KB Autotech, who recently found a new residence in Frankfurt GP center, was able to join a meeting with Daimler on a weekly basis and to set up a business guideline for a seamless marketing plan and product development schedule. They finally won a KRW 30 billion business contract to partner with Mercedes Benz, supplying back seat AC vent system to produce Mercedes’ new EV model, EQ SUV from the year 2022 to 2029. Starting from Shanghai center, three other places– Mexico City, Mexico, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Athens, Greece – open GP centers in March to tap deeper into growth opportunities in emerging markets across the world.

While expanding marketing channels which used to be mainly concentrated on developed countries, KOTRA will begin to explore and form business networks in emerging economies to turn its GP centers into leverage through which SMEs and venture companies who wish to unlock more chances in the global market can enjoy personalized marketing services and workstation to leap forward.

Souce : KOTRA (2020.01.10)

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To form an alliance ‘Team Korea’ at CES 2020


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