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Want to work at global companies? Just click and visit KOTRA’s online job fair

-KOTRA opens the 2nd online job fair from Jun. 8
-Nearly 5,000 job seekers swarmed into the site for employment opportunities
Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA: President and CEO, Kwon Pyung-Oh) hosts the second round of the “Online Job Fair for Foreign Invested Companies”, starting from Jun. 8. The week long fair invites eight foreign companies in Korea- three manufacturers, another three in service sector and the rest ICT service providers-and 5,000 capable talents seeking jobs.

Three companies whose HR manager resides overseas like Spain or Singapore are joining the program on the ground, being connected to the web-based recruitment system. And the other five are meeting the seekers at their offices in Korea or separately designed biz- meeting rooms in KOTRA’s head office.
These foreign companies are planning to hire a few new employees to fill the vacancy in R&D, tech-sales position and general management in charge of renewable energy projects, etc.

Just as the first round of the event, held in last April, the employers meet with those at the fair to have job opportunities via a real-time interactive virtual platform. Job seekers can log in with ID provided to attend the fair no matter where they are, at home, school or any places they are linked online.

There’s a special session that consists of six separate on-site programs at the fair where attendees share information on tips for finding a new job such as how to write CV or what to prepare for interviews, specifically targeting foreign companies. With special guests working in Google and L’Oreal Korea, the seekers can also join small chat shows for spontaneous conversations.

Chang Sang-hyun, head of KOTRA’s Invest Korea, said “We switched the format into online since April due to rising concerns over the coronavirus risks”, adding “With positive attendee feedback for the event, we’ll make an all-out effort to develop and fully prepare for the next round.”

* For more information, visit the official website of KOTRA’s Foreign Firm Employment Support Team or call 02-3460-7829.

Source : KOTRA (2020.06.08)

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