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“A tip for success- Invest in Korea’s semiconductor business”

-KOTRA hosted a webinar for FDI attraction in semiconductor business
-Head of of KOTRA’s Invest KOREA, “We will concentrate further on aftercare to get investors to be fully reassured that we’re always ready to help them”

Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (President and CEO, Kwon Pyung-Oh) hosted a web-based investment consulting service on Aug 18, targeting semiconductor producers and vendors based in Shanghai, China and Taiwan. Such forms of activities to promote investments have recently switched from offline on-site presentation to online seminar (or called “webinar”) since the outbreak of the coronavirus, and the same goes for the agency’s investment consulting services.

The webinar introduced industry trends and business climate of Korea’s semiconductor industry at the presence of 50 representatives from semiconductor companies headquartered in Shanghai and Taiwan. KOTRA shared information on the current investment flows into Korea, incentive programs to provide foreign invested companies and requirements for facility location.

North Chungcheong Province also pitched potential investors, giving a brief presentation that shows an overview of geographical advantages of locating in and a package of incentives. Investment Consulting Center (ICC) outlined guidelines for consulting services to get detailed information on legislative and administrative requirements, accounting systems, employment and labor laws in Korea.

Head of of KOTRA’s Invest KOREA, Chang Sang-Hyun, said “We’ve been working very hard on attracting investments online since the coronavirus outbreak. While opening an online channel to reach out to potential investors worldwide, KOTRA will concentrate further on aftercare to get investors to be fully reassured that we’re always ready to help them.”

Source : KOTRA (2020.08.20)

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