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Make your business more socially conscious and morally upright

KOTRA signed a partnership deal with FORCA on Oct 7 to reaffirm CSR
‘KOTRA- FORCA agreed to make sure of transparent, fair business practice

At the presence of the head of KOTRA’s Invest KOREA, Chang Sang-Hyun and chairman of Korea Foreign Company Association(FORCA), Yoo Sae-Keun, Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA: President and CEO, Kwon Pyung-Oh) singed a partnership deal with FORCA, which represents foreign –invested companies working in Korea, on Oct 7 to reaffirm corporate social responsibility (CSR) to make business more socially conscious and morally upright.

KOTRA and its counterpart agreed to share success stories of foreign-invested companies which, particularly, well developed their mission that aligns with what our society looks for in these companies. With the private-public partnership, both reached a consensus to help business stakeholders nationwide perceive value of CSR.

Head of KOTRA’s Invest KOREA, Chang Sang-Hyun, said “Foreign-invested companies in Korea have worked well to be socially accountable even in these tough times when everyone’s struggling to cope with COVID-19. We, KOTRA, will make an all-out effort to help these investors grow into reliable partners for citizens in Korea and make business sustainable.”

Source : KOTRA (2020.10.08)

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