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Greetings From KOTRA

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February 2018 Greetings

Dear Readers,

Invest KOREA (IK) has always been about working closely with foreign companies so that they can enjoy all the great things that Korea has to offer. But we’re also aware that the agency has room for growth. That’s why we recently held a workshop to strengthen our support system for foreign investors through the following ways:

First, our main objective is to provide a comprehensive platform that not only promotes foreign direct investment (FDI), but also creates jobs. As such, we’ll improve the current incentive system to help foreign firms employ promising Korean talent. We plan on attracting foreign capital in the high value-added service industry as well as greenfield investment in the manufacturing sector—all of which can foster job creation. In addition, we will conduct surveys of all foreign-invested companies in Korea about their employment plans so that we can provide different levels of assistance.

Some other measures that we are planning to focus on include transforming the domestic and overseas infrastructure for FDI promotional activities. We’ll digitalize IK’s domestic services and look for potential markets where we can open additional Korea Business Centers in charge of FDI promotion. And of course we’ll continue to host investor relations events all over the world. On that note, I’ll be heading to Singapore in March to meet with potential investors who are interested in Korea’s investment environment. Through such restructuring, IK will continue to strengthen key partnerships in the future.


Yong Kook Kim
Head of Invest KOREA

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