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Greetings From KOTRA

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April 2018 Greetings

Dear Readers,

Spring has finally arrived here in Korea, as can be seen by the yellow forsythia flowers in full bloom across the country.

So far this year, the Korean government has signed FTAs with five Central American countries despite the aftermath of protectionist measures recently sweeping through the globe. Also, FTA negotiations with Israel, as well as China and Japan are underway as a part of the government’s efforts to create an increasingly free trade environment.

In line with these efforts, KOTRA’s plans in 2018 include helping Korean start-ups and SMEs strengthen cooperation with foreign companies, specifically by expanding business opportunities with global enterprises in new growth industries.

In particular, we are centered on building and operating the Invest Korea Market Place (IKMP), a platform designed to help discover and support new investment projects, which will ultimately lead to the revitalization of foreign investment activities and help attract more FDI. On top of this, we also plan to increase employment support projects to resolve recruitment-related issues faced by foreign companies as well as foreign-invested companies that have entered the Korean market.

Through our 127 overseas offices located throughout 86 countries, KOTRA is making a concerted effort to build a more stable foundation upon which Korean start-ups and SMEs can cooperate further with global cor- porations in the areas of trade and investment.

In the April issue, we will put a focus on start-ups as we introduce various policies and projects related to trade and investment. I would like to close by expressing my hope for the KOTRA Express to continue to be a meeting place for companies in Korea and across the globe.

Thank you.


Yong Kook Kim
Head of Invest KOREA

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