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Greetings From KOTRA

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June 2018 Greetings

Dear Readers,

In 2003, I was serving as Director of the International Trade Promotion Division at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. The director general of KOTRA’s Baghdad office at the time came to me and said, "If you could get us a bulletproof vehicle, we’ll be able to produce even more results." Even with the absence of security directly following the Iraq War, the director general did not cease to pioneer new markets, and it was a true display of the KOTRA spirit.

The intensity with which KOTRA works, hands-on, to help Korean SMEs enter overseas markets and secure foreign investment is what characterizes KOTRA. Of course, our tasks and services have to be flexible to accommodate the changing demands of our customers, but being able to charge ahead whenever and wherever our clients need us, without fear of facing challenges, must never change. That is why I would like to pursue innovation during my time as president and CEO, so that KOTRA will always be at the forefront with our customers in pioneering global markets.

In May, we restructured KOTRA's headquarters to make it a customized, client-oriented organization, and strengthened our points of contact with rural and foreign customers. As a result, we expect to see more global business opportunities emerge between Korean SMEs and our overseas customers. In addition, we will develop a multi-faceted business model to provide solutions that can adapt to the changes occurring in the market.

Recently, I held meetings with trade directors for the first time as the president and CEO of KOTRA in Moscow, Bangkok and New Delhi. During the meetings, we reaffirmed our spirit and resolve to seek out new and emerging markets of the New North and New South, which have high growth potential, and vowed to make KOTRA an organization that is loved by our customers.

This month, I will examine Korea's major trade markets in North America, China and Japan, and continue working to support Korean SMEs enter overseas markets and create global jobs. I ask our KOTRA Express readers for your continued interest and support.

Thank you.


Kwon Pyung-oh
President & CEO of KOTRA

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