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Siheung Artificial Surfing Wave Park

Siheung Artificial Surfing Wave Park

Business Overview
• Sihwa MTV Geobukseom Island waterside park in Siheung City
• Area: Approximately 325,000㎡
• Project Cost: KRW 563 billion
• Developer: Daewon Plus E&C Co., Ltd.
• Facilities: Marine Leisure Complex

   (artificial surfing park, marina, five-star hotel and commercial facilities)
• Development Plan:
- Open Phase 1 of the Artificial Surfing Park in the second half of 2020
- Commence construction of Phases 2 and 3 of commmercial facilities in the second half of 2020

• Incheon International Airport 25 km
• Gimpo International Airport 28 km
• Incheon Port 15 km
• Pyeongtaek Port 42 km

Development Concept
Experience a new excitement at the Wave Park New Wave Park, a center of marine leisure culture where various trend setters gather to enjoy and share a surfing lifestyle.

Map of Gyeonggi-do

Source: Siheung City

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