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One-Stop Service

The one-stop service covers all services related to pre-investment consultation,
investment execution and post-investment processes.

01Pre-Investment Consultation
  • Preliminary information study : Search and provide information required for
        investment feasibility study
  • Find potential investors and arrange consultations : Find investment partners
  • Consultations on specific sectors : Incentives, legal affairs, accounting, taxation,
        industrial sites, etc.
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02Investment Execution
  • Investment notification : Receive notification of foreign investment
        (issuance of certificate of foreign investment)
  • Arrival of investment : Issuance of registration certificate of foreign-invested company
  • Search for factory site : Look for optimal factory site for investors and provide relevant
        administrative services
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  • Corporate establishment : Support for corporate registration and licensing and
  • Visa issuance : D-8, F-3, etc.
03Post-Investment Service
  • Foreign Investment Ombudsman : Home doctors resolve the grievances of foreign-
         invested companies
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  • Visa extension : Handle works related to alien registration and extension of stay
  • Support life in Korea : Search for houses, foreign schools and surrounding living
       facilities to help workers of foreign-invested companies and
       their families get settled in Korea
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