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Recruitment Support

Raise awareness about foreign-invested companies, support the recruitment of outstanding talent
and conduct various projects to provide career information to interested parties.


KOTRA cooperates with foreign invested companies to raise their brand awareness in Korea and recruit distinguished talent. KOTRA also provides job-seekers employment opportunities in foreign invested companies, fostering the next generation of global talent.

Recruitment Support by Employment Demand

Based on careful examination of the employment demand and size of foreign-invested companies, we provide customized talent recruitment support.

  • Examine Employment Demand
  • Job Fair for Foreign-Invested Companies
  • Customized Support
  • Large-Scale Recruitment
    (over 100 positions)
  • Small-Scale Recruitment
  • Connect foreign-invested companies and job-seekers through job fairs that serve as a platform for corporate PR, employment consultations and job interviews.
  • Provide customized support for companies looking to recruit on a large-scale, such as producing PR contents for homepages and holding consulting sessions and job interviews.

KOTRA's Recruitment Web Page for Foreign Invested Enterprises Operated

An all-time recruitment support system is established and operated to react to the recruitment of foreign invested enterprises in Korea and to provide necessary support to hire staff in a timely manner. 

Additional Recruitment Support

Provincial Job Fair

  • Job fairs and small-scale expos for foreign-invested companies having a hard time recruiting talent due to their location in non-metropolitan regions.

Information Session for Foreign-Invested Companies

  • Help companies that do not have a specific recruitment plan, but need to raise brand awareness, hold information sessions