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Search for Korean Companies

Invest Korea (IK), the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE) and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) bring you BizInKorea, an English website providing information about Korean companies for the convenience of foreign investors.

BizInKorea is an English website providing information about Korean companies based on the business information of KORCHAMBIZ, operated by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

Main services

Provide company information
  • Basic information including name, address, president, phone number, fax number, number of employees and type of business.
  • Detailed information including items handled, main business contents, history, patent & certification.
  • Financial information including financial statements, profit statements, cash flow tables, growth index, profitability index, stability index and activity index.
Company search
  • Search for companies in combination with several filters, such as company name, region, type of business, sales of the previous year, listed company, external audit company, import and export company, venture company, foreign direct investment and a foreign company stationed in Korea.
Link with KOTRA investment consulting
  • Present inquiries and receive replies via email for the investment of a searched company.

How to use company search tool

By company name
  • Type the company name in the search bar of the main page.
By category

Search for a company via three categories.

  • Industrial Classification: Search for a company by industry.
  • Regional Categories: Search for a company in 17 cities and provinces.
  • Hot Categories: Search for the most searched company in six categories: Stock and KOSDAQ, External Auditing Corporations, Exporter and Importer, Venture Business, Foreign Direct Investment Corporations and Foreign Companies in Korea.

Search for newly updated companies and the most viewed companies on the main page.


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