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Korea’s aerospace industry has advanced to develop models and conduct tests and evaluations
independently. Aerospace-related industries including ICT have already reached
the global level and have strong growth potential.

Technological level of aerospace industry in Korea

  • Leading Countries 
    for Aerospace

    USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Japan,
    Canada, Italy

  • Independent 
    (Intermediate Model) 

    Korea, Brazil, Taiwan, China, India, Israel,
    Spain, Indonesia

  • Introduction of 
    Licensed Production 

    Australia, Turkey, Argentina

  • Maintenance / 
    Licensed Assembly

    Philippines, Singapore, Greece,
    Saudi Arabia, Malaysia

* Source: Korea Aerospace Industries Association

Korea’s Aerospace Industrial Cluster

  • Seoul


    MRO Cluster (planned for 2019)

    Incheon Int’l Airport, machinery
    industrial complex

  • Haemi

    Test center

    Maintenance depot, test flight

  • Daejeon

    Daedeok Science Town

    Korea Aerospace Research Institute,
    Agency for Defence Development,
    major R&D centers, specialized area
    for aerospace electronics

  • Goheung

    Naro Space Center

    Projectile Assembly, rocket-launching
    facility, unmanned aerial vehicle test

  • Yeongcheon

    Avionics MRO Cluster

    Boeing’s Asia-Pacific Aviation Service

  • Busan

    Gimhae Industrial Complex

    Korean Air (Aerospace Division)
    More than 30 airlines

  • Changwon

    Machinery Industrial

    Machinery and mechatronics
    industrial complex,
    More than 20 airlines

  • Sacheon

    Specialized complex for
    aviation industry

    Final aircraft assembly line
    Specialized area for aircraft bonding
    More than 40 airlines
    Foreign investment zone

* Source : Research center of KDB Daewoo Securities

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