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The global market share of the Korean display panel industry is about 43.5%,
the most competitive in the world.

Display panel market share (as of 2014)

taiwan 27.8%
japan 15.7%
korea 43.5%

* Source : Displaysearch, Displaybank

Status of foreign investments

  • Direct investment

    AGC (Asahi Glass Corp),
    ASI (AvanStrate Inc.),Merck, Chisso, Dongwoo Fine Chem, AZEM, Nikko,
    Mitsui Mining, Ulvac Materials,
    Nissan Chemical, Air Products (AP),
    Air Liquide, Fujifilm, 3M, Teijin Dupont,
    Bayersheet Korea

  • Joint projects

    Hantok Chemicals, TOK,
    Toray Advanced Materials Korea,
    LG MMA, Samsung Corning Precision Materials, NEG (Nippon Electric Glass), Mitsubishi Rayon

* Source: Invest Korea, <Investment opportunities in Korea>, 2015